private islands for sale and rent worldwide
private islands for sale and rent worldwide
RUS MONACO march 2018
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MIR24 TV show "Dobro pajalovat"

Islands and Helicopters

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Art and Jewels of the World Baku

flight over islands in France

Mr Kerrien is visiting islands in the west part of France, using an ultralight aircraft, taking pictures

Private island is at the Cannes Boat

Bruno in Baku during the Jewels of the World Fair


private island was in Nice for the 4th Russian/French meeting organized by Mr Christian Estrosi 

real estates exhibition in Moscow

Crocus Expo

Bruno visiting the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum every year


interview radio Komsomolskaya Pravda

NTV Russia talk show N'32


Private Island at the MIBS Crocus expo Moscow

Questions ? Please contact Bruno.

У Вас появились вопросы? Свяжитесь с Бруно.



Languages : English, French, Русский. 

Deal of the moment !

3 properties on Boipeba island (Bahia, Brazil). on the 30km fantastic beach. space & silence

information about the properties on request. 

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